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Ep. 3: Love and War, Part 1

Joe and Yvonne on their wedding day, April 23 1945

Although wars are taking place all around me at this very moment, I recognize how privileged I am to not have to live in fear of losing my life, my loved ones or see the country I truly love come to ruins.

Although I am unable to relate to Yvonne's story, I have deep appreciation for the sacrifices troops made so I can live freely without the same fears she and countless others face today.

My hope is that this story reminds us of our past, helps us navigate our present and prepare for our future.

I hope we are inspired by her bravery and courage and that we preserve the history of stories like these. These stories shape not only our country but the beautiful diversity that Canada is.


This episode of A Different View Podcast was hosted, researched and edited by LaShaina Blair-White

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