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Ep. 5: Healing

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Credit: City of Kitchener

Nothing really infringes on my day. I wake up, go to work like everyone else, eat, maybe get a chance to hang out and hopefully get to sleep at a reasonable time and do it all over again.

Not once do I focus on my health or does my body react in a way that’s in any way negative. I take my health for granted. I’m privileged and blessed to be in good health."

What I like about Paul’s story so much is that it makes me slow down, focus on my right now. What’s in front of me. I understand that Paul is okay. He isn’t dying, or in severe pain. He’s still able to have a functioning life. But I was waiting for him to go on about how frustrating his life is - how much he has missed out on. But he didn’t.

Paul and I talked about that the downsides of course, that he wasn’t able to hold down a regular job because of his constant bathroom visits, he has to be careful about what he eats, and so much more, but despite all this, he still radiated with positivity.

It’s that positivity that drew me to Paul. It was his joy through his transfusion that put a smile on every single person in the room. And I’m grateful I got to tell his story.


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To read the 'Love my hood' article on Paul, you can find it here:

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