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Ep. 4: Love and War, Part 2

April 23, 1945 - Joe and Yvonne wedding day.

Talking to Yvonne Leahy was such a wonderful experience for me. Her life has been so vastly different from mine. Her generation so different. Her experiences so different.

Listen, I love my mother. I also love my husband. But let me tell you that no man could convince me to move across the ocean from my mother... not to mention at the end of a catastrophic war when I didn't know if I would ever see her, my family or my country ever again. I can't imagine the bravery and yet she and 48,000 other women did the same thing - all to pursue the risk of love and maybe a better life.

74 years later — 71 of those with Joe — Yvonne did get the good life she sought, she did get her loving husband, and she formed lifelong friendships with other war brides who still share a connection no one else can understand.

Joe at a World War II memorial.

Being a war bride is something Yvonne and so many other women are proud of. And it's something their children are proud of. After Part 1 of her story, we had several people reach out to us to thank us for sharing her story, because their own mothers were war brides and it helped them remember.

I'm so thankful to Yvonne for sharing her powerful story. I hope it impacted you as much as it did me. Please continue to reach out to us with your similar stories!


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