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Ep. 6: The Story of Levi Caroll and the Waterloo Poorhouse

Levi Carroll (far left). Photo credit:

I first heard about the Levi Carroll during another conversation about the rich history of the city I now call home, Waterloo.

Not knowing much, but being a lover of all things history, and truly about peoples lives, I quickly became interested.

It didn’t take me long to learn much about Levi and his family by reading about the freedom he found in Canada and the many losses he had during his life.

Levi’s life lead me to learn about Queen’s Bush, an area between Waterloo and Lake Huron where more than 1,500 free and formerly enslaved black pioneers made a home for themselves and their families.

And through Levi’s life I quickly learned about the Waterloo County House of Industry and Refuge (The Poorhouse).

The house and the managers of the house. Photo credit:

In this story I was only able to tell a small part of the poorhouse story - a small part of the residence and their experience.

I am grateful for resources like the Waterloo House of Refuge virtual museum which is A project that was put together by researchers at Wilfrid Laurier University.

It takes an in-depth look at the residents, their story and the impact the house had on the community.

The house (1869 - 1950). Photo credit:

It’s just been so fascinating to learn about what life was like for the outcasts, people on the fringe of society and the lesser-thans. We have come a long way in being able to provide resources and help for people who really need it but that wasn’t an option in Levi’s day.

In his day, all he had was the poorhouse.


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