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Ep. 7: Adoption, the Jaimie Weber Story

Jaimie's story will forever be close to my heart. Almost like a scene from a movie, she retells the story of the first time she saw the picture of her biological father holding her while a young boy stands beside him gazing a the camera. Only later to learn that, that young boy is her brother.

I think every child imagined what it would be like to be adopted at one point or another. We pretended that our real parents would come and save us from what felt like our dysfunctional family. I wondered if Jaimie had these same visions.

During my first talk with Jaimie I asked her what it was like growing up. Her parents, Doug and Maria, were both missionaries in Haiti when they met Jaimie and fell in love and brought her back with them to Canada. I was fascinated about what it was like growing up black in a predominately white community. Jaimie was homeschooled and lived in a small town outside of Stratford, Ontario.

I kept expecting her to tell me she was lost and never knew herself. But that wasn’t the case. She was surrounded by such an amazing loving family and grew up with friends that adored her. Jaimie is a radiant and positive person. The search for her biological family added to her life but did not complete it.

It told her the story of her past and helped her to move forward in her present. Her story reminds me that real life fairytales do exist and that Gods hand is in everything.

My first interview with Jaimie was more than 2 years ago now, so I'm so happy to finally get her incredible story out there. Don't forget there's a Part 2 to Jaimie's story this Thursday — our final episode of Season 1. Yes, we saved the best for last.

To read more of Jaimie's story, check out her blog!


This episode of A Different View Podcast was hosted, researched and edited by LaShaina Blair-White

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