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Ep. 8 Adoption, Part 2

Jaimie and I in her family's living room - Photo credit: Bevan Hamilton

Talking to Jaimie now versus Jaimie two years ago almost felt like I was talking to two different people. The Jaimie back then was wide-eyed and optimistic about her future and the adventure she was about to go on.

This Jaimie, the now Jaimie, is still upbeat and optimistic but is yet wiser and a realist. She walked into Haiti with a Western world view, seeing the country and the way it and its people operated in a Western context, something we all do.

Jaimie overlooking the Mediterranean Sea - Tel Aviv, Israel - Photo Credit: Cherissa Hould

But after living in Haiti and learning the vast history and the stories of the people who make Haiti a beautiful place, she has a better understanding. She sees the struggles of the people there on a daily basis, lives the terrors of being caught in the middle of a gang war or feuding families or corrupt cops.

For now, it’s safe for Jaimie to return to Haiti, which she did in early August. Things are still difficult in Haiti and although they are no longer under unrest, the country still faces many challenges. There are still children dying from lack of food. As Jaimie says in Episode 8, it’s 2019… children should not be dying from not getting enough food, and yet they are.

Some people say there is a darkness to Haiti, that it’s under a curse. A lot of bad things have happened in its history, yet the people are resilient. You don’t have to spend much time around Jaimie to realize she is full of light and if nothing else, that’s exactly what she hopes to bring to Haiti. Light.

Sunset overlooking the Caribbean. Montrouis, Haiti (2017) - Photo Credit: Jaimie Weber

If you feel compelled to help, consider donating to Red Cross or any other organizations you believe will benefit the people in Haiti.


This episode of A Different View Podcast was host, researched and edited by LaShaina Blair-White.

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