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Ep. 1: Escape, Part 1

Emma now

I first became aware of Emma during an early morning Google search. I’ve always been fascinated about the Mennonite community and her story captivated me.

She wrote a short story for CBC Nonfiction Prize about her escape from her community and what her life was like in that kind of isolation. I knew then that I had to meet her. I had to find out what her transition was like into the modern world.

Emma’s personality is everything I think would not work in a Mennonite community. She’s odd, funny and outgoing with a dark sense of humour. She’s also brave, fearless and loves an adventure. It’s been an honour to get to know her and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to share her story with all of you.


This episode of A Different View Podcast was hosted, researched and edited by me, LaShaina Blair-White.

Music played during this episode is by Josh Lippi and The Overtimers, Silent partner, Anno Domini Beats and Wayne Jones.

Thanks to Professor Andy Clarke at Loyalist College for teaching me long after the classroom hours were fulfilled

And finally, thanks to my husband, Bevan Hamilton, for all that you do.

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All photos provided by Emma Drummond.

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